Every so often, we get asked to share our favorite craft supplies when we are working on our projects. So we decided to put together this list of our top five crafting supplies. These are our utlimate must-haves! We always have a supply of each of these items ready to go when we need them.

We hope you find this helpful!

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Believe it or not, the paint you use makes a difference. You truly get what you pay for. When looking at acrylic paint, you want something that is on the thicker side that will cover well, making it so you don't have to use multiple coats. FolkArt Acrylic Paints are by far our fave! This is a great set with a variety of colors to help you get started.

I want this!

If you're painting, you are going to need something to apply it with. We love using these round foam brushes, and actually prefer them over the gray rectangular ones that are so often used.

Need these!

Painting small pieces and letters was always the bain of our existence. Then Molly saw this amazing hack in an FB group (aren't they great??)! Tear off a strip of tape, place it sticky side up, and then put all of your little pieces on. This keeps them from sliding all over your workspace and also from getting lost!

Genius! I'm going to try this!

We find it very difficult to paint small details using a sponge or brush. This is where paint markers come in handy. Not all paint markers are the same! We fell in love with Posca Paint Markers. Just like with the bottled paint, you get what you pay for. These markers cover well, blend easily, and dry quickly!


Yes, you read that right...makeup wedges! These are the perfect for smoothing out brush strokes if any are showing. We also use these to blend colors and create an ombre effect. Another great use for these is to spread glue so you don't get that ooze out of the sides of the items your are attaching together. The important thing to know when shopping for this is to find some that are more dense and firm. Some are more sponge like and can fall apart while using them.

Amazing idea!

Thank you for checking our Top 5 Maker Must-Haves! If you need any help with using these, feel free to reach out!

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